Market Day in Trinidad

If you want to eat fresh, Sunday morning is market day in Trinidad. The story in the newspaper today says "Market prices fall... consumers still bawling". Popular foods grown locally include seim, bodi, pumpkin, sweet and hot peppers, patchoi, lettuce, sweet potatoes,  ginger, avocados and chives. On the streets outside the main building, maxi taxis are the transportation of choice along the east west corridor.

Along the priority bus route, behind the market building, vendors offer everything from shoes, not-yet-released pirated CDs & DVDs, mobile accessories alongside a truckload of watermelons and a brisk trade of yummy doubles - curry chickpeas, mango chutney and hot pepper to taste, sandwiched between two fried patties called bara.

Fresh eggs at the Tunapuna Market

Vendors allow patrons to select their own items so picking through a heap of peppers is all part of the experience.

Do you know the difference between a Gros Michel or Lacatan banana?
Locals know. Plantains may also look alike but are boiled or fried before eaten.

Dry coconuts are husked and ready to be cracked open and shredded for bake - a local flat bread, ice cream, callallo soup, and sweet sugarcakes.

Eddoes, white and sweet potatoes.

Local crabs, an essential ingredient in callallo are bundled together, alive and wiggling, and sold by the heap.
The vendor will remove the main body shell  after purchase.

A popular doubles vendor does a brisk trade.
At $4 a piece, it's the same price as a soft drink and a great bargain for breakfast on the run.

Maxi taxis are identified by different colour stripes based on the route they travel.

History notes:
The Tunapuna Market is situated beside the Priority Bus route which used to be the train route east/west into the City of Port of Spain.
The video below chronicles the end of trains in Trinidad: Last Train to San Fernando, 1965. Enjoy!

trinidad market day
October 3, 2010

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