5 Tasks for designers at the start of a new project

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Activities for designers

These tasks are part of the initial design planning stage of your communications project:

Task 1 Information Analysis Tasks

  • Primary audiences
  • Secondary audiences 
  1. Profile & Background

  2. Requirements for using/accessing information

  3. Knowledge of content

  4. Experience with technology
  1. Information each audience needs

  2. Current status of information

  3. Ownership of information

  4. Updates/revisions needed
  1. Audience technical needs

  2. Software requirements

  3. Hardware requirements

  4. Corporate needs

  5. Resource intensity of media

Task 2 - Navigation Design Process
1. Navigation Questions:
  1. What information does the audience need to know
  2. What questions will the audience have that I can answer in this presentation/web site/document
  3. How can I answer the audience's questions
2. Create a diagram of the navigation design
3. Test and review The Design
4. Drill - Identify the type and number of pages

Task 3 - Initial Visual Design
1. Create initial sketches for placement and appearance of key features
2. Review sketches and refine based on feedback
  • Is the page layout pattern clear

  • Can the user anticipate where the content, orientation or navigation tools will be

  • Are web pages/presentation pages consistent

  • Do the pages support the information access needs of your users

  • Do the web pages apply the Research based principles. 

    Task 4 - Initial Content Design
    1. Determine style and tone
    2. Organize content into Maps
    3. Refine the hierarchy
    4. Present content on pages
    5. Review and refine.

    Task 5 - Prototype Review
    1. Conduct project team review
    2. Update Style Guide
    3. Prepare for prototype development.

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    November 20, 2017

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