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Adults learners need a reason to learn, freedom to learn in their own way and opportunities to practice their new skills hands-on.

Lesson Planning

Learning Objectives

  • This three-step process will help explain what you want your students to learn by the end of the lesson.

4 Elements of Adult Learning

  1. motivation
  2. reinforcement
  3. retention
  4. transference.

Learner types

  • Auditory visual kinesthetic
  • Auditory sequential - organized
  • Auditory visual spatial - messy.

Learning Styles

• Why • What  • How • What If?
The 4-Mat System - Bernice McCarthy makes it easy to address all learning styles:


  • People People Divergers: ask Why


  • Facts and theories People Assimilators: ask What


  • Problem solving people Convergers: ask How


  • Innovative People Accommodators: ask What if.

eLearning Development Software Tools

Go to Training

Online training software lets you hold interactive training sessions with up to 200 people – right from your desk saving time and travel costs by moving training program online.

Adobe Captivate

Industry-leading e-learning authoring software for rapidly creating and maintaining interactive content.

Adobe Connect

Web conferencing solution for web meetings, eLearning, and webinars.

Resources for lesson or presentation planning

  • Icebreakers  improving performance playfully
  • Math doodles
  • Pop culture is one way to connect with your learners - classroom management mechanism
  • Body Language - Somatics
  • Kiss, Bow, Or Shake Hands Europe: How to Do Business in 25 European Countries [Paperback]  Terri Morrison (Author), Wayne A. Conaway (Author).

Essential Communications

by Ian Kennedy

How to be a Top Trainer

by Alan Matthews
  • get people in a receptive state to learn
  • facilitate and make learning interactive instead of just presenting info
  • cater to different styles of learning
  • maximize the transfer of learning
  • know how to choose the right content
  • never blame the material. Bring the content to life.

9 tips for IT trainers Sheena Whyatt

Social Tools  collect, organize, share what you’re interested in on the web a clean and simple way to visually bookmark multiple URLs  share presentations, documents and professional videos.

Body Language and Voice: Your body speaks Video 

Online Learning Examples

Teaching Tips

Sandwich Feedback

When responding to your learners:

  1. Positive  -  what was done that was right
  2. Consider This  -  what needs to be improved
  3. Positive - Overall positive statement for the student

Presentation Skills

The most crucial part of the presentation is the first minute.

Use Games

This learning strategy in adult education adds variety, appeals to kinesthetic learners.


Rules and conventions that regulate social and professional behaviour make you feel comfortable, not uncomfortable. You know what’s expected.

Energizers vs Icebreakers

Difference between energizer and icebreaker: energizer has a debrief. advanced energizer links what is learnt to an activity.

Asking questions

Never tell learners something which you can draw out of them through questioning.

Change is the only thing that’s constant in teaching

Words of wisdom for teachers

  • Engage learners: Teaching is Sales
  • Nothing is ever AWESOME
  • Your Audience Wants You to Succeed
  • Ego - put it aside when co-facilitating
  • People are different and so is the way we learn.

June 3, 2018

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