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Personal Best Physiotherapists have shared their knowledge on CBC's Here and Now, CTV and CityTV as experts in rehabilitation, fitness and Pilates. The team includes registered physiotherapists, nutritional consulting practitioners, massage therapists, certified Pilates instructors and personal trainers.

Communications Objectives

  • Take advantage of Google collaboration and productivity apps for Business - G Suite to manage administrative and content management cost
  • Reinforce professional identity with a consistent and visually appealing message across all media.

The Project

Manage start-to-finish project tasks across the multiple digital disciplines:
  • Visual design and production
  • Photography
  • website development
  • social media platforms, online ads
  • signage
  • online applications and forms
  • keyword and search strategy
  • Print materials
  • Staff online communication
  • Jane online appointment scheduling system.
May 11, 2020

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