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Goldtooth is an animated adventure film produced in 1994 and deals with the subject of substance abuse and AIDs, distributed in 15 languages for street children 10-14 years and helps them think hard about dangers of substance abuse, the threat of violence and sexual exploitation that many of them must face every day.
Street Kids International promotes independence and self-respect among street children around the world.
Goldtooth was produced by Street Kids International, Canada and distributed in 15 languages worldwide in 1994 and deals with the subject of substance abuse and aids.

Directed by Academy award winner Derek Lamb
Production Manager by Peter Robertson
Background Illustrations, title design and studio coordination by Toni Seucharan.

Find Goldtooth on IMDb. works with award-winning organizations like Street Kids to create compelling, cost-effective social communications, from animated films and an on-line resource catalogue of videos and publications available for youth, workers, educators and researchers.

The annual award for nonprofit innovation videos produced for the Peter F. Drucker Canadian Foundation 1993 - 98, recognize the innovators and those involved in their programs, celebrating their example and inspiring others.
These films were successful in creating awareness and are used extensively in fundraising efforts, featuring the following organizations.

Brave Ideas: Street Kids International

Tootinaowaziibent: First Nation Child and Family Services

The Challenge: Tetra Society of North America

Learning Grounds: The Evergreen Foundation

Kids Count : Partners for Children's Health and Learning

Growing Together, Regent Park Initiative

And now a trip south to the Caribbean Life

Television Ads. Toni Seucharan Producer.

NOTE: These videos are presented here for archival purposes and may not reflect the current mandate of the organizations represented.